Thursday, August 31, 2017


We created a vision for our class on our first day. We did this so that we will have confidence in ourselves and have trust in each other. We believe this will make our classroom a better place and enable us to focus and learn.

Our vision: To learn we need to challenge ourselves to do our best at trusting and respecting each other.

Our mission: Pay attention to what you are doing and saying and communicate when our vision is threatened.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

During our trip to Keewaydin we had tons of fun.  In this photo one of the counselors was telling us a story about a Native American named Gustave. We ate brownies while he told us this wonderful story among Vermont's beautiful mountains.

On Thursday, we had choices about what activity we wanted to take part in. We were allowed to fish at recreational time. Throughout the week we did a lot of cool things like night walks, town meeting simulations, rock climbing, gardening and canoeing. At night time our cabin counselors read to us until we fell asleep. We also had jobs like hopper, dish washing, composting, recycling, wood carrying, sweeping, weather watching and prepping the tables.

We feel lucky that we were able to go on such an amazing trip. We are proud that we raised all that money. It was good to make new friends but it was sad to leave them behind.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Tumbling in P.E.

We just finished tumbling in P.E. Here are some of the awesome tricks we've been practicing. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winter Sports

Yesterday we had our first week winter sports and a lot of people did ice skating, down hill snowboarding, down hill skiing, cross country skiing, and bowling.  In sixth grade ten people do snowboarding downhill at Stratton, four people do ice skating at Keene Ice, one person skis at Grafton Ponds, and one person bowls in Springfield.  We had a FUN time at Stratton, Keene Ice, Springfield Bowling, and Grafton Ponds.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Birds of Pray at Grafton

Souther Vermont Natural History visited Grafton Elementary School the week before Thanksgiving.  They brought a a few of their exhibites from their museum. Some of the birds of prey they brought were the Red Tailed Hawk, a Barred Owl, and a Kestrel.  The picture you see above is of the Kestrel.  

While they where here they were teaching us a lot of stuff about the birds of prey like an Owl.  Something that I learned was that an Owl can turn his head all the way up side down and they can do that because they have 14 vertebrae in their necks.  Owls in the wild don't even live to see their first birthday, but in captivity they can live for about 30 years.

Monday, November 21, 2016

GES 6th grade Makes a Terrarium

The terrarium is made out of a fish tank, moss, ferns, rocks and many more objects that you would find  in the woods.
This is our terrarium. Our whole class built it and ,boy are we proud of it! On the first level there are  pebbles then we have charcoal, then a layer of mesh, then dirt. Lastly moss, rocks, milkweed, trees and other things went on top of the dirt. We went to the covered bridge to find specimens. 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Eco Bottles

In the 6th grade we have been working on eco bottles.  In the water part there are two guppies.  In the dirt part there are 2 red wriggler worms.  In the leafy part there is a cricket and grass seeds.  How do the animals breath? Well, they can breath because of the plants. 

This is a fun way to spend your summer. The guppies eat the snails waste and the snail eats the plants and algae.  The worms eat the same as usual; dirt and decomposing matter.  The cricket eats plants and even meat, on every continent except Antarctica.   That is what is in the eco bottles.

The pumpkin raffle happened and Tyler won ours.🎃 It is the fifth one over from the white one.  We made a football player with a Grafton helmet.
This is our pumpkin.