Monday, October 31, 2016

Eco Bottles

In the 6th grade we have been working on eco bottles.  In the water part there are two guppies.  In the dirt part there are 2 red wriggler worms.  In the leafy part there is a cricket and grass seeds.  How do the animals breath? Well, they can breath because of the plants. 

This is a fun way to spend your summer. The guppies eat the snails waste and the snail eats the plants and algae.  The worms eat the same as usual; dirt and decomposing matter.  The cricket eats plants and even meat, on every continent except Antarctica.   That is what is in the eco bottles.

The pumpkin raffle happened and Tyler won ours.🎃 It is the fifth one over from the white one.  We made a football player with a Grafton helmet.
This is our pumpkin.  

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